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2 copyA real competitive edge can fundamentally change the way we approach the design , marketing and manufacture of our ballistic body armor.

Weight saving and mobility are important features of our tactical line of products. Our ballistic body armor are made with Kevlar® can be tailored for a wide range of threats, without compromising the highest comfort level. Read More

Find The Best Body Armour Manufacturers

There are many sellers available in the market offering the best bullet proofing armours. Before you finalize your decision about buying the one, you must know that there is no need to get a license in order to buy the personal armour. Some of the leading manufacturer of bulletproof, ballistic protection armours, and armoured vehicles.
Military Body Armour
With years of experience in the field of manufacturing personal protective equipments, they have become the most reliable supplier in the global market. The team from defence industry works alongside with military body armour providers in order to deliver quality with assured safety. You can visit the website, and can contact them for any query.