Ballistic Vest Manufacturer in UAE

HARD SHELL in UAE is a pioneer in the development of crucial technologies and innovative solutions to be used in the most challenging areas. With critical technology-driven innovation and sustained growth, Hard Shell today has state-of-the-art facilities of design, development, and manufacture of:-

Tactical Body Armor
Special Forces Body Armour
Modular Body Armor
Ballistic and Military Vest
Ballistic Protection Helmets
Riot Gear
De-Mining Vests
Bomb Suppression Blankets
Hard Armour panels
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We as a manufacturer ceaselessly strive to realize innovation in research and development and ensuring the best quality products and services for all its customers around the world. Hard Shell as a global company provides solutions to government, paramilitary forces, security personnel, defense personnel, and commercial customers worldwide.

Full – in house manufacturing, design capabilities results in high-quality products and in very short delivery time.