Wouldn’t it be nice to combine maximum protection with stability and extreme durability in a single vest

When it comes to wearing bulletproof body armor, most of the civilians put a step back because they have a myth that these bulletproof vests are very heavy or bulky like ancient medieval armor.

So, we at Hard Shell focused on removing the ideology of being bulletproof warrior vest more heavyweight and bulky. Our Experts designed the very known concealed bulletproof vest – the one wear on a daily routine which can be easily hidden. We rigorously focus on making more comfortable, less bulky, well fitted with ergonomic design and extreme durable vest which also provide maximum protection as well to the wearer.
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In striving to win the hearts of the civilian along with ensuring safety to near and dear ones we have designed two concealable vests i.e. VIP Vest and Low Pro. For more details and order kindly email us on enquiry@hardshell.ae.