K9 Body Armor Vest

Designed by a Police K-9 Handler for his service do, perfect for all calls of service. Our unique K-9 vest ensures maximum comfort and mobility to allow your dog to maintain their full agility. We want to ensure that every K-9 is fitted with a vest that may save his life while he is in the act of saving ours.

Hard Shell K9 Vests allow the dog access to their natural movement and cooling mechanisms: panting, their paws, and their ears. They offer outstanding ballistics and breath-ability in a rigorously field-tested vest. Our K-9 vest evenly distributed over the dog’s entire body.

These vests help protect the K-9s from gunshots, stabbings, explosives, and blunt force trauma such as being kicked, punched, or beaten with a weapon or other dangerous objects such as a bat or tire iron.

Most of these days, Police dogs are dying of heat exhaustion at an alarming rate this summer, and a majority of those deaths have come when they were locked in hot squad cars for hours. Their duties and services included street patrols, drug detection, search, and recovery, searches for suspects or missing people, weapon detection, explosives detection and more. So, their protection is a must.