Types of Bullet Proof Vests

bulletproof_vest_ A ballistic vest or bullet-resistant vest, usually named as a bulletproof vest, is personal protective equipment which helps to and reduces or stop effect on the body from firearm-fired projectiles.

These Vests usually comes with basic protection of Level- IIIA through the SAP inserted in them, however, it can be upgraded to Level III or IV based on the personal requirement. There are two types of Vests.

Bullet Proof Vests are of usually 2 types i.e. Covert Vest and Overt Vest. Covert vests are designed to be worn inside clothing, can withstand plates as well to provide higher protection. These Vests are the best way for VIP’S to feel completely protected in a discreet and comfortable manner. Also, not only this but these Vests also very and comfortable to wear which allows the wearer to wear it for long hours as well.

On the other hand, Overt Vests Is designed to provide higher protection levels and it needs to be worn on top or above regular clothing however usually they are designed with cooling down feature which makes them comfortable to wear and protected across all environments. There is also the add on option of Collar, Biceps, Thigh and Groin protection apart from basic Torso protection in Overt Vest which makes it more useful. There are also Vests with Molle which allows the various type of pouches like Magazine Pouch, Gun Holsters, Radio Pouches, Medical Kit pouch, etc. making life easier for the user.

Thus, whatever the choice is there are options available to ensure the protection without comprising the comfort, so Stay Safe with Bullet Proof Vests.

Body Armor is Ideal for Everyday Threat Situations

Body Armour

Body Armor offers a number of benefits for day-to-day situations and it is not mandatory as a specialized product which is limited to a particular community. Although the tactical options offered by body armour does not well-suit to everybody as they are more useful to Law enforcement, SWAT teams and the Military personals.

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