Old Orchard Beach Fire Department Hopes to Raise Money for Bulletproof Vests


OLD ORCHARD BEACH, Maine — We’ve all seen police officers in bulletproof vests, but what about firefighters and EMTs?

In Old Orchard Beach, first responders say they’re needed.

The fire department has started raising money to purchase at least 20 bulletproof vests for their crews.

Each will protect them from being stabbed or shot. Read more

Maharashtra Police Might Slash Bulletproof Vests Order to Pay Customs Duty

At least nine years after the 26/11 terror attacks that exposed the poor preparedness of the Mumbai police, especially the substandard BP jackets used by the force which led to the death of ATS chief Hemant Karkare, the force will soon get its first batch of the 5,000 BP jackets.

With the Customs Department yet to respond to the Maharashtra Police’s request to waive off import duty imposed on the 5,000 bulletproof (BP) jackets it has procured, the force has to wait a little longer before it can start using the vests. At least nine years after the 26/11 terror attacks from the sea exposed the poor preparedness of the Mumbai police, especially the substandard BP jackets used by the force which led to the death of ATS chief Hemant Karkare and senior police officers Ashok Kamte and Vijay Salaskar, the force will soon get its first batch of the 5,000 BP jackets. Sources say if they don’t hear from the Customs Department soon, they will instead place an order for 4,800 bulletproof jackets. Read more

Berkeley Police Officers Opt for New Bulletproof Vest Carriers to Ease Back Pain


As of Thursday, Berkeley Police Department patrol officers have the option to buy new externally worn ballistic carriers designed to improve comfort and increase career longevity.

According to BPD spokesperson Andrew Frankel, these carriers hold the officers’ bulletproof vests and distribute the weight of equipment that they otherwise carry on their duty belt, which weighs about 30 pounds on average.

Frankel added that BPD is not paying for the new carriers. If officers are interested in the carriers, Frankel said, they can pay $400 out of their own pockets or their yearly “uniform allowance,” which they also use to pay for their police boots and uniform. Read more

Denison Approves Application for New Police Body Armor

The Denison City Council approved a request by the police department to pursue a grant for rifle-resistant body armor for 11 Denison Police officers. The grant, offered through the Office of the Governor and the Criminal Justice Division, was created after five Dallas police officers were shot in July of last year.

The grant was created through Senate Bill 12 and allocated additional funding to assist agencies in the purchase of rifle-resistant body armor. The $4,800 being sought would allow the city to purchase 22 sets of armor for the 11 officers that are requesting it.

“After the Dallas massacre, people determined that we need more protection,” Denison Police Lt. Mike Eppler said Monday in a phone interview.

Lt. Paul Neumann said officers currently wear a ballistic vest that is gauged to resist most handgun ammunition. The additional armor would be slipped into the existing vests and offer resistance for most rifle ammunition, including bullets used in high-power weapons such as the AR-15, Eppler said.Read more

Tactical Gear Donation Comes 1 Day After Officers Come Under Fire


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) – 11 News is working to find out what led up to a shooting in Colorado Springs Monday night. About 24 hours after first responders came under fire in an active shooter situation, a donation of tactical gear was made to protect those who serve our community.

Police dispatch recordings from Monday night give a little insight into what emergency crews were up against when they responded to a call of shots fired that left two people injured before the suspected shooter and another person were found dead.

“Command we’re taking fire, we’re taking fire.” An officer on scene called out over dispatch on Monday night.

It was a massive, active and chaotic scene at Academy and Village Road South. With two confirmed shooting victims, the shooter continued firing shots in the direction of first responders.

“Be advised, from his second-floor window to the north, he has a view of anybody at the entryway so if you’re up there take cover.” An officer could be heard over the scanner describing the location of the shooter. Read more

The Army Is Getting Deadlier Stryker Armored Vehicles to Protect Europe From Russia


The U.S. Army’s only ground combat unit in Europe, the Second Cavalry, is getting better armored vehicles complete with heavier guns and built-in anti-tank guided missiles. It’s all part of a response to Moscow’s military aggression in the region, giving the regiment’s light armored vehicles the ability to defend themselves against Russian tank forces.

The end of the Cold War was marked by a major drawdown in U.S. Army forces in Europe. During the 1980s, U.S. Army Europe was home to more than four combat divisions, who were facing down many more combat divisions from Warsaw Pact areas including East Germany, Poland, and beyond. As the threat of war evaporated most U.S. Army forces were called home and disbanded. The only ground combat unit left in Germany, the Second Cavalry Regiment, has only about 1/16 the vehicles and personnel of the U.S. Army in Germany in 1987. Read more

Lompoc PD Shows Off New Armored Vehicle

The Lompoc Police Department has a new, one-of-a-kind piece of equipment meant to protect police officers while fighting crime.

It is an armored rescue vehicle in which officers can be protected while responding to any dangerous calls.

“No one day is ever the same and you have no idea what you are getting into the minute you slip your uniform on,” said Sgt. Kevin Martin.

No matter the situation, Sgt. Martin and his department are ready to deploy.

“This vehicle gives us an opportunity to get just about anywhere we need to get to safely,” he explained.

This bullet proof truck can not only guard officers against potential gunfire but also serve as a rescue resource. Read more

SAS Soldiers Trial Star Wars-Style Bulletproof Helmets With Heat-Seeking Technology and ‘Friend or foe’ Vision


SAS soldiers are trialling Star Wars-style bulletproof helmets in the war against terror.

The high-tech kit – dubbed the “Boba Fett helmet” after the hit movie’s bounty hunter – uses heat-seeking technology to hunt down enemies.

It picks up signals from other wearers through “friend or foe” vision and is air conditioned to protect against heat and gases.

Troops benefit from the GPS system that projects maps on to the visor.

And its super-strong plates can deflect gunshots and protects against shrapnel, blasts and fire.

The creators of the Devtac Ronin Kevlar Level IIIA Tactical Ballistic Helmet claim it’s “literally bullet proof”. Read more

Monroe Co. Sheriff’s Dept. To Replace Expired Bullet-Proof Vests


The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department is getting 23 new bullet-proof vests after county commissioners approved funding for the purchase this week.

It’s the first time Monroe County Sheriff Brad Swain says he’s had to replace several expired vests at the same time. He says it’s the responsibility of the county to make sure officers are safe.

“We found there is a statute that, even with the uniform check, it’s still on the onus of county government – in our case – providing that,” Swain says.

A bullet-proof vest typically lasts up to five years. Swain says general wear & tear during that time provides enough concern for an upgrade. Read more

Milpitas Police Allowed to Buy Armored Tactical Vehicle

Milpitas police would like to purchase a vehicle similar to this Lenco MedEvac to be used by its SWAT unit as well as medical personnel during crisis.  Courtesy of Lenco Armored Vehicles
Milpitas police would like to purchase a vehicle similar to this Lenco MedEvac to be used by its SWAT unit as well as medical personnel during crisis.
Courtesy of Lenco Armored Vehicles

The city’s police force has been authorized to buy an armor-plated vehicle to be used by its SWAT unit and medical personnel during emergencies.

But before Milpitas’ first-of-its kind SWAT vehicle can hit the streets, local authorities must gather more public input and craft a formal protocol over its use in the community.

The City Council voted unanimously on Aug. 15 to approve the purchase of a Lenco BearCat MedEvac emergency rescue vehicle for an amount not to exceed $382,308.51. Read more