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Body Armor Helps To Ensure Absolute Safety

Protecting the torso has always been the first priority for the Warriors since ages; and to ensure this, the warriors have always sought ways to protect themselves in battles. Wearing a protective layer over the clothes was always considered to be a matter of great pride as the soldiers covered with protective layers marched to the battle.

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Down the ages, the material used as Body Armour has changed dramatically; in ancient times, people used animal skins and hides to protect themselves while going out on hunts. As the times advanced processed leather hides took place of raw skins. Down the ages, innovation by inventors brought in new methods and Body Armours to protect the most valuable assets of the king’s armies.

Some armies even developed metal plated Armors to Protect Bodies – like the ones used by the armies of Rome. Further at the turn of the millennium, with the invention of the guns and cannons, the preferences changed as the quickly traveling projectiles and fragments made soldiers vulnerable. This prompted armies to rethink deeply about torso protection and bring around substantial changes in the protective shell technology.

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But the resulting introductions were too heavy to carry along, and taxed soldiers on the grounds of impeding their movement. The trust for the right solution ended with the invention of soft Body Armour that did not only get rid of heavy metal plates but also ushered in an era of unparalleled mobility and ease of handling for the users.

The innovative concept uses the state of the art specialized woven fabrics that can be easily integrated into other soft fabric components. The state of the art woven fabric technology follows a really innovative concept of repelling the bullets and shrapnel’s and free-flying fragments rather than deflecting them.

The modern Body Armour can be worn with normal combat uniforms or clothes. The contemporaries in the Body Armour types include overt, visible on the uniform, and covert, concealed beneath the normal clothing, equipment.

Body Armour Helps Ensure Absolute Safety as it is derived and assembled using cutting edge technologies involving textile weaving, coating, dyeing, and final assembling.

Providing adequate equipment to reduce the risk of injuries, even fatal, is highly important to safeguard human capital.

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Hard Shell is a well-known Body Armour Manufacturer with expansive exposure in rendering solutions in armored protective gears.

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