New Development in Armored Vehicle Manufacture in Europe

The armored vehicle Piranha 5 will be manufactured by the Romanian Ministry of Economy and General Dynamics in Bucharest.

Piranha 5 is a highly mobile and protected platform with a payload of over 13 tonnes, providing significant growth potential throughout the life of the platform. It is modular by design and can be reconfigured quickly to accomplish a wide-range of mission objectives, according to

The signed documents by the Ministry of Economy and General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) are announcing a new sustainable strategic American-Romanian partnership that is in the interest of national security industry and army’s development, says the economy minister, Gheorghe Simon, according to Read more

Remdiesel Unveils Multi-Purpose Armoured Vehicle

Russian firm’ Remdiesel has unveiled an updated version of the MT-LB multi-purpose armoured vehicle that has been designated MLBSh, thought to mean Multi-Purpose Light Protected Amphibious Chassis.

The MLBSh has a laden weight of 10,500 kg, and can carry a payload of 2,500 kg and a crew of two. The vehicle’s cargo compartment measures 5.5 cubic m, and it is able to tow a 7,000 kg trailer. Read more

Plant City Slammed for Okaying Armored Police Vehicle

PLANT CITY — Police in Plant City found the funds to buy a $335,000 armored security vehicle but they don’t think it’s worth their money to equip officers with body cameras.

These choices, coming on the heels of an unarmed man’s fatal shooting by Plant City police, have drawn criticism that came to a head last week when members of the advocacy group Restorative Justice Coalition were removed from a city commission meeting.

The confrontation arose after a public hearing Sept. 25 on the annual city budget.

“Your community asked you for accountability. We asked you for transparency,” Justin Garcia of Plant City said during the hearing. “We asked you for funding for body and dash cameras and what did you do? You ask for an armored vehicle.” Read more

Police Will Receive 37,850-pound Armored Vehicle


Bellevue police will soon obtain a demilitarized vehicle for rescues.

“The department has basically been looking for some time for a vehicle that offers ballistic protection; able to rescue citizens and officers; and also be available for national disasters — floods, snowstorms, etc.,” Bellevue Police Capt. Tom Dargy said at the Aug. 28 Bellevue City Council meeting.

The mine-resistant, armored-protective vehicle, known as an MRAP, should fit that bill. It’s designed to provide ballistic protection and can drive through up to 3 feet of water. The 37,850-pound military vehicle is 21 feet long and 10 feet high. Read more

Testing of AJAX Armored Vehicle


Sept. 15 (UPI) — General Dynamics Land Systems U.K. has begun manned live-fire trials for its AJAX armored vehicle program, using the vehicle’s CTA International 40mm autocannon, chain gun and smoke grenade launchers.

The trials will last five months beginning with static firing positions against immobile point targets and gradually progress to a moving vehicle engaging moving targets. The testing will occur in West Wales, Great Britain.

“The start of the CT40 cannon manned industry firing phase is a significant milestone in the AJAX programme,” Kevin Connell, vice president of General Dynamics Land System U.K., said.

“This cutting-edge capability that enables AJAX to pack a significant punch, alongside its wide-range of best-in-class sensors that makes it an Information Age platform, ensures that the British Army has everything they need to do their job effectively,” Connell said. Read more

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office to Get Armored Vehicle after Trump order

The same day the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office announced it had enough funding to purchase a Sno-Cat rescue vehicle, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that will allow the office to buy an armored tactical vehicle, known as a BearCat.

The executive order signed Monday would once again allow local and state police agencies to acquire surplus military gear. The order rolls back a 2015 policy under the Obama administration, which severely limited the program after public outcry on how the equipment was used by police during protests in Ferguson, Missouri, following the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Monday that those restrictions went too far. He said the new approach will boost public safety. Read more

Hurricane Irma: Martin, St. Lucie Authorities to use Armored Vehicles



With Hurricane Irma threatening South Florida, Martin and St. Lucie County first-responders are preparing to use special vehicles that will make them more able to respond to emergencies during the storm.

The sheriff’s offices in these Treasure Coast counties will partner with Fire Rescue agencies to use armored military vehicles capable of withstanding hurricane force winds and navigating flooded roads. Martin County Sheriff William Snyder said that in the event Irma threatens the county, his agency will preposition three, heavy-duty, high-water vehicles — one in Jensen Beach, one in Indiantown and one in the southern part of the county.

Snyder said the agency will use a Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected military vehicle, also known as the MRAP, a Bearcat SWAT vehicle, and an Army truck. Fire Rescue paramedics will embed with sheriff’s deputies and respond to calls, if necessary. Read more

Watch: Israel’s Defense Ministry Unveils High-Tech Armored Vehicle

The Algemeiner reports: – The Israeli Defense Ministry’s Administration for the Development of Weapons (ADW) unveiled on Tuesday nine new cutting-edge pieces of military technology that will be added to the IDF’s arsenal in the coming years.

The revolutionary defense technologies were co-developed with local and international defense contractors, and are expected to be game-changers in future wars with Hamas and Hezbollah. Read more

Russia’s Secret Weapon: Armored Vehicles That Can ‘Fly’


Since the 1970s, the Russian military has possessed a diverse fleet of armored vehicles it can drop out of airplanes … with parachutes, of course.

The BMD family of infantry fighting vehicles is armed to the teeth with autocannons, machine guns and anti-tank missiles. And despite being very much a product of the Cold War, the little fighting vehicles have continued to see combat — and the new BMD-4 variant is even packing a 100-millimeter gun. Read more

Ukraine’s Army to Receive new main Battle Tanks and Armoured Vehicles

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Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has announced that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive the new and modernized tanks, military vehicles and equipment by the end of the year.

“According to my instructions, 72 modernized T-72 tanks should be sent to the Armed Forces this year. We’re buying the newest vehicles manufactured in Lviv, we saw the potential of a new fire engine based on the T-72,” he said during his visit to Lviv armored plant on Friday, July 14.

Also Ukrainian military will receive the new batch of Dozor-B (4×4) armoured personnel carriers and new Oplot main battle tanks. Read more