Detroit Firefighters Union Says City Bought Wrong Body Armor

DETROIT (AP) — Union officials say ballistic vests purchased for Detroit firefighters and emergency technicians aren’t right for the job because they don’t protect against stabbings.

The Detroit Fire Fighters Association has filed two grievances with the Michigan Employment Relations Commission, The Detroit News ( ) reported. The union argues that Detroit Fire Commissioner Eric Jones circumvented the workers’ contract by purchasing the vests without discussing it with the union or a committee of department and union officials.

Jones said he bought the right vests. He said vests that protect against stabbings are cumbersome, and that bulletproof vests provide defense from most attacks with sharp objects. Read more

Locally owned body armor firm invited to White House


WATERLOO — An Iowa body armor manufacturer with local ties has been invited to the White House to represent the state in a “Made in America” event hosted by President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

RMA Armament, co-owned by former Dysart officer and U.S. Marine Corps veteran Blake Waldrop and Burke “Skeet” Miehe of American Pattern & CNC Works in Waterloo-Cedar Falls, is to be featured at the White House event Monday, along with other firms from around the country, the duo said.

“Very few companies have been invited, so I’m humbled and excited,” Waldrop said. He and other manufacturers will set up a display on the south lawn of the White House. He received the invitation from White House staff Thursday morning. Read more

The Importance of Body Armor

body_armour_product Whether you’re a police office, military or work in the security forces you’ll encounter dangerous situation out there in the field. The reality is you will be shot at in the field by the enemies. With that in mind, protecting yourself using body armor or a ballistic vest is something you need to consider. This is the main reason as to why there are various body armors in the market today. This protective gears offer protection for various attacks from for example guns, knives or even small explosions. It’s pretty obvious that the decisions to wear these protective gears are of life and death.

Since this body armors protect the security officer, military and soldier’s lives; constant improvement are coming to make them more efficient. The technology advancement has seen a lot of Security officers; military and police officer wear these protective gears. The main reason for this is because, the latest body armors are not very heavy and they are highly effective in protecting them against harm. Body armors boost the courage of the police officers, military and security forces.

When they wear the protective gears, they feel safe and do their work courageously without fear of being harmed easily. This harm could range from penalization of the body parts to death.

This is definitely something they want to avoid because it can be hard to their families or other people who are close to them. Body armors also help the Military, security officer and police officers get life insurance.

In case something happens, Life insurance is released to the family. However, they need to have worn the protective body armors for the money to be released. Simply, that once simple act of protecting yourself from danger helps solves a lot of issues later on. It’s no secret that the main role of body armors is to protect life. Therefore, they should be worn at all times.

Armors have different levels of protections. Whichever field of work one is involved in, they should not take for granted the importance of body armors. This means that, the first step is to identify the right type of body armor for your field of work and purchase. It’s advisable not to worry about the price because this decision is a matter of life and death.

If you decide to pick a cheaply made protective gear just because it’s cheap you’ll end up losing.

Body Armor – The Life Saver

Screen-Shot-2017-06-20-at-10.48.27-AMFrom long time, soldiers and warriors have looked for better ways to fend off attacks and keep themselves safe from deadly weapons. Personal protection has always been a priority for anybody who is going into battle. In past, different kinds of material were used to engineer a body armour like Leather, steel and chainmail because of the conventional thinking that the harder the material the better the protection. Commonly as a weapon, swords and knives were the best choices of the attackers as they are easily available to anyone. The warriors were seeking for something that would deflect the blow.

Body Armor is Ideal for Everyday Threat Situations

Body Armour

Body Armor offers a number of benefits for day-to-day situations and it is not mandatory as a specialized product which is limited to a particular community. Although the tactical options offered by body armour does not well-suit to everybody as they are more useful to Law enforcement, SWAT teams and the Military personals.

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A Selection of Professional Body Armor Products

DUBAI, UAE – Globally renowned supplier of protective equipment HARDSHELL is working hard to keep up with all the new threats that characterize the present time. The company is constantly introducing new products that are capable of withstanding various threat levels. The latest additions to its offering only confirm HARD SHELL expertise and attention to detail, setting new standards for reliability, practicality and user comfort. Read more

Personal Body Armor Customized for Any Situation

Advanced technology can save many problems, and personal security is certainly not an exception. Modern body armor is amazingly effective and companies like Hard Shell are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation in this field. The latest generation of bulletproof vests is able to deliver impressive stopping power without adding any excessive weight and thickness, which is extremely valuable in many professions.


The thinnest of those vests can be placed under regular clothes and concealed from public view while still staying resistant to bullet hits. They are often used by public officials or business leaders who want to look normal while doing their work and enjoy extra protection at the same time. Undercover police officers or security officials can also take advantage of this stealth option while in the field.

Of course, soldiers and others who operate in high-risk zones don’t mind a bit of bulk if it will shield them from harm. Military-grade ballistic vests made by Hard Shell are among the best in the market, and come with various utility pockets to help carry weapons and equipment. Specialized tactical vests are available for waterborne operations, dessert environment and cold climate.

Bulletproof Armour– Lightweight with Excellent Performance

A bulletproof vest is an item of personal armor worn on the torso that absorbs the impact from firearms projectiles and explosion shrapnel. These vests are made from layers of woven or laminated fabrics and provide protection to the wearer from small-caliber handgun and shotgun projectiles. It is also provide protection against small fragments from explosives such as hand grenades.

Hard armour plates can be used with armour vest, for augmenting the protection level as the metal or ceramic plates provides additional protection from rifle rounds. Also metallic components or woven fiber layers make soft armor resistance to stab and slash attacks from knives or any similar weapons. Personal armour is commonly worn by army person, law enforcement officers, swats, squads, police forces, private citizens, security guards, and bodyguards etc. However, hard-plates reinforced vests are mainly worn by combat soldiers, police tactical units, and hostage rescue teams.

Modern body armor may combine a ballistic vest with other items of protective items, such as bulletproof helmets. Especially designed vests for police and military use may also include ballistic shoulder and side protection along with additional pouches. Bomb disposal teams and members wear heavy armor suit and helmets with visors for face protection and spine protection.

Today new fibers are discovered which are used for today’s modern generation of concealable body armor possible. The National Institute of Justice or NIJ initiated a research program for the development of lightweight body armor so that a policeman or officer could wear full time and do his duty without any problem. This program has identified new materials that could be woven into a lightweight fabric with great ballistic resistant properties.

Kevlar Not an Ordinary Fabric

Kevlar is one of the magic modern materials used in ballistic industry. Kevlar is a super-strong fabric with amazing properties. It’s made of fibers that are knitted tightly together. Kevlar get its properties partly from the intrinsic strength of the polymer by which the fibers are made.

Kevlar is not an ordinary fabric- it’s not easy for everyone to make from the right raw materials. It’s a proprietary material and requires lots’ of experience. If we talk about its chemical structure, it’s very alike to other protective materials like Nome x. Kevlar is made of chemicals called synthetic aromatic poly amides or pyramids.
Kevlar Fabric
Synthetic materials are produced in a chemical laboratory. Aromatic means its molecules have a strong, ring-like structure. It is a tough yarn which is highly recommended for ballistic protection and used in soft body armor applications. Also it is used as robust reinforcements for different hard armor applications and racing helmets, spall panels, ballistic bomb blankets and electronic housing protection etc. Moreover it has also been used in many industrial applications.

It provides high tensile strength at very low weight along with exceptional structural rigidity. Kevlar is tough and incredibly durable. It suits perfectly to the demands of tactical products. It’s flexible and lightweight and has high chemical resistance and low electrical connectivity which offers superior dimensional stability. These all unique properties make it ideal fabric for ballistic needs.

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