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Around the world there are numerous companies which are into the business of selling refurbished ballistic solutions, however while making the purchase the customer should take care and check the manufacturer details as it’s a safety product and one should check the Test reports to demonstrate that the armour has been tested to a relevant standard.

Also we would recommend that you should ask for the Warranty Terms, ISO certifications to assure that you are making a purchase from reliable Ballistic Body Armour Manufacturer.

Hard Shell is one of the renowned Ballistic Body Armour Manufacture in the business of PPE (Personal Protective equipment). They use DuPont™ USA raw material to make the Soft Armour Panels and Helmets due to which the protection is unmatched . Visit the complete range of body armour on

Protection is Exponential, Stay Protected with Hard Shell Ballistic Solution

Soldiers and military personnel always look for better ways and products to repel attacks and protect themselves against weapons. Personal protection has always been the main concern of those going to war.

Body armor is one of the most crucial things military personnel need all the time. Designed with high technology para aramid fabric it provides unmatched protection the army. Body armor offers protection from Swords, knives and bullets. Hence, body armor is not only meant for military personnel. Body armor protects life of many police officers and security professionals every year.

Military Team Work Link
Military Team Work Link

At present times, body armors are in high demand because of the constant threat of violent encounters. The need of this protection equipment is part from changing the role and operations of many professionals. EMS personnel frequently use body armor for personal protection for incident response and for incidents that are not noticeably violent or possibly become so. The experts and journalist are sent with body armor into warm and dangerous zones to tackle the situation. In addition, the firefighters need body armors on duty to avoid any accident or injury.

Though body armors are usually connected with army personnel, but now the demand of this unmatched personal protection tool is on rise among others who have to go through with many risks during the jobs.

A few industry leaders are offering top-notch body armors for the army as well as other professionals. Depending on the risk involved in the job, a right kind of body armor can be selected for assuring personal protection.

Law Enforcement Duty Which is Dangerous

tacticalMilitary person’s duty is tough and demanding, and they expect no less from their clothing. That’s why Hard Shell is known for its quality because it serves the requirement. Hard Shell is the known brand for the products that will keep up with you, not matter what the day brings. They stock the more advanced tactical gear for those who protect and support us every day. Read More

Military Body Armor- The Ultimate Ballistic Protection

Hard Shell Bullet Proof Vests are designed to offer foolproof Level III and IIIA protection against projectiles, stabbing and club hits in diverse combat environments

Warrior Vest
Military Body Armor is designed for ruggedness to improve mission efficiency; ensure superior protection and survive ability; and allow the combat units to carry equipment

Body Armor Helps To Ensure Absolute Safety

Protecting the torso has always been the first priority for the Warriors since ages; and to ensure this, the warriors have always sought ways to protect themselves in battles. Wearing a protective layer over the clothes was always considered to be a matter of great pride as the soldiers covered with protective layers marched to the battle.

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Down the ages, the material used as Body Armour has changed dramatically; in ancient times, people used animal skins and hides to protect themselves while going out on hunts. As the times advanced processed leather hides took place of raw skins. Down the ages, innovation by inventors brought in new methods and Body Armours to protect the most valuable assets of the king’s armies.

Some armies even developed metal plated Armors to Protect Bodies – like the ones used by the armies of Rome. Further at the turn of the millennium, with the invention of the guns and cannons, the preferences changed as the quickly traveling projectiles and fragments made soldiers vulnerable. This prompted armies to rethink deeply about torso protection and bring around substantial changes in the protective shell technology.

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But the resulting introductions were too heavy to carry along, and taxed soldiers on the grounds of impeding their movement. The trust for the right solution ended with the invention of soft Body Armour that did not only get rid of heavy metal plates but also ushered in an era of unparalleled mobility and ease of handling for the users.

The innovative concept uses the state of the art specialized woven fabrics that can be easily integrated into other soft fabric components. The state of the art woven fabric technology follows a really innovative concept of repelling the bullets and shrapnel’s and free-flying fragments rather than deflecting them.

The modern Body Armour can be worn with normal combat uniforms or clothes. The contemporaries in the Body Armour types include overt, visible on the uniform, and covert, concealed beneath the normal clothing, equipment.

Body Armour Helps Ensure Absolute Safety as it is derived and assembled using cutting edge technologies involving textile weaving, coating, dyeing, and final assembling.

Providing adequate equipment to reduce the risk of injuries, even fatal, is highly important to safeguard human capital.

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Hard Shell is a well-known Body Armour Manufacturer with expansive exposure in rendering solutions in armored protective gears.

Industry of Ballistic Body Armour

Our body armors are unsurpassed in quality and all designed for a more casual environment in comparison with those of military or tactical training units. The body armor is the ideal choice for police officers who occasionally need increased protection against high-velocity rounds or machine gun threats. Read More

Proven High Performance and Versatility in Many Forms

2 copyA real competitive edge can fundamentally change the way we approach the design, marketing, and manufacture of our ballistic body armor.

Weight saving and mobility are important features of our tactical line of products. Our ballistic body armor is made with Kevlar® can be tailored for a wide range of threats, without compromising the highest comfort level. Read More