what is a Bullet Proof Body Armour

Body armour has become increasingly popular in recent years with its users ranging from military personnel, police and even ordinary civilians. Over the years, our company has established itself as the leading body armour suppliers the world over. We have our manufacturing plants based in Europe, Asia and The Middle East. We have supplied our products in numerous renowned countries across all continents including The UK, USA, Netherlands, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Russia.

We have a wide range of products that are always aimed at providing satisfaction to our clients. We deal with a wide range of state of the art bulletproof body armour which varies depending on the client’s preferences, weather and the purpose. The endorser vest for instance offers a more concealing alternative preferably for civilian situations while covering all the major body organs at the same time. The winter turf remains a viable option in extremely low temperatures as it is embedded with soft ballistic panels which provide extra warmth while guaranteeing the comfort of the user all the time. The steller vest is a design made for kids and is a combination of an armoured vest and a backpack. It offers front, back and side protection.

All our products are designed and manufactured by a team made of ex-military personnel and well trained, experienced and professional engineers who make use of the best modern technology in the market. They have all been tested in the field as a means of establishing the safety levels and providing a guarantee to our clients.

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QC gov’t donates 50 patrol cars, 800 bulletproof vests to QC Police District

The Quezon City government has donated 50 patrol cars and 800 bulletproof vests to the Quezon City Police District (QCPD).

“I requested first for an inventory of malfunctioning cars so we could replace it,” said Mayor Bautista

Mayor Herbert Bautista led the turnover of 50 patrol cars by the Quezon City government at Camp Karingal.

The donation is the local government’s expression of support for the government’s effort to suppress crimes.

Meanwhile, the Quezon City government also vows to donate 500 9mm Glock pistols, and 150 tricycles for police patrol.
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Police mull grant program for Bulletproof Vests

When in uniform, all 171 Denton police officers are required to wear bulletproof vests. And Police Chief Lee Howell said it’s one of the most expensive and important pieces of equipment the department provides.

After the July 7 shooting in downtown Dallas, where a gunman fatally shot five Dallas police officers, state lawmakers have proposed a $25 million grant program to help fund bulletproof vests for all patrol officers in Texas.
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Woodstock K9 Officer Blue Receives Bulletproof Vest


WOODSTOCK – When Woodstock K9 officer Blue was searching for the gunman who shot a man on Mitchell Street June 24 he was safe from bullets thanks to a donation from nonprofit Chive on Chicago and Vested Interest in K-9s

Vested Interest in K9s provided the tailor made bulletproof vest after charitable organization Chive on Chicago held a fundraising event to raise money for the department. The group decided to focus on a Woodstock cause this year because of the 25th anniversary of the filming of “Groundhog Day.” Bill Murray, who stars in the film, is the “unofficial mascot” of the Chive, said Ray Pryor, who organized the event.

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Outlet Contractor Hired to Dispose of NYPD’s Bullet Proof Vests


The Daily News found out that the NYPD discovered that their old bulletproof vests were ending up on criminals and as a result, the city’s contract with the tactical gear supplier Body Amor Outlet was shredded not too long ago.

When NYPD officials learned that the bullet proof vests that were once worn by New York’s Finest ended up on suspected criminals, the contract with Body Armor Outlet based in New Hampshire was canceled by the city.

The city’s Department of Citywide Administrative Services contract with Body Armor Outlet to dispose of the NYPD’s old vests was worth $20,000. As per the contact, Body Armor Outlet had to destroy the bulletproof vests or have them recycled in a way that they could not be used in an illegal manner.

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Types of Bullet Proof Vests

bulletproof_vest_ A ballistic vest or bullet-resistant vest, usually named as bulletproof vest, is personal protective equipment which helps to and reduces or stop effect on the body from firearm-fired projectiles.

These Vests usually comes with basic protection of Level- IIIA through the SAP inserted in them, however it can be upgraded to Level III or IV based on personal requirement. There are two types of Vests.

Bullet Proof Vests are of usually 2 types i.e. Covert Vest and Overt Vest. Covert vests are designed to be worn inside clothing, can withstand plates as well to provide higher protection. These Vests are the best way for VIP’S to feel completely protected in a discreet and comfortable manner. Also, not only this but these Vests also very and comfortable to wear which allows the wearer to wear it for longer hours as well.

On the other hand Overt Vests Is designed to provide higher protection levels and it need to be worn on top or above regular clothing however usually they are designed with cooling down feature which makes them comfortable to wear and protected across all environments. There is also the add on option of Collar, Biceps, Thigh and Groin protection apart from basic Torso protection in Overt Vest which makes it more useful. There are also Vests with Molle which allows various type of pouches like Magazine Pouch, Gun Holsters, Radio Pouches, Medical Kit pouch etc. making life easier for user.

Thus, whatever the choice is there are options available to ensure the protection without comprising the comfort, so Stay Safe with Bullet Proof Vests.

What is Behind the Bulletproof Garment?

We all have questions in mind about the process and engineering behind body armor and bulletproof clothing. Below is the process step by step that how the raw material turn into a bulletproof vest.

Raw Materials

The very first step for making a bulletproof vest is the fiber which actually plays an important role as it gives the base to be bulletproof. These extremely durable fibers are weaved through a special machine that wraps and stretches them into yarn. .

Yarn Production

At this step large spools of the basic fibers are weaved into cords and yarn. The yarn is a long in length of interlocked fibers, which are suitable in the production of fabrics and sheet material. The threads that make bullet proof textiles are produced by spinning a solid fiber from a liquid chemical blend.
Warrior Vest

Sheet Materials

The yarns are woven into a sheet material and make it capable of stopping bullets. This is also used to make the bulletproof panels. After this the sheet material are put on rolls around in length like rolls of any other textile. A soft vest is made of many layers of woven or laminated fibers, which are lightweight but strong. The fabric absorbs impacts from gun-fired projectiles and shrapnel fragments from explosions.

Cutting The Material

With the help of large patterns or cutting machines multiple layers of ballistic sheets are cut at once. Bulletproof warrior Vest is consists of front and rear panels that are different shape and size than a normal garment. The ballistic panels used in bulletproof clothing are made of multiple layers and have passed the extensive testing to identify the proper thickness. The thickness is depends on what level of protection is required.

Sewing of Panels

The fabric layers are stitched together to manufacture the ballistic panel. To sew the layers together, a stencil is placed on top of the layers and the chalk is rubbed to expose the areas of the panel to cut and sew.

The Cover

After stitching of the layers of ballistic material they need to put in a protective cover. The cover can be heat-sealed or ultrasonic sealed in order to protect the ballistic material from water and humidity. This is called the basic ballistic panel which has bullet resistant qualities.


The ballistic panels are then fitted into the carrier made of strong Aramid fabric. A ballistic carrier has pockets inside to insert the panels. Also these carriers are designed in such manner which hold the panels in proper position on the body.

K9 Body Armor Vest

Designed by a Police K-9 Handler for his service do, perfect for all calls of service. Our unique K-9 vest ensures maximum comfort and mobility to allow your dog to maintain their full agility. We want to ensure that every K-9 is fitted with the vest that may save his life while he is in the act of saving ours.

Hard Shell K9 Vests allow the dog access to their natural movement and cooling mechanisms: panting, their paws, and their ears. They offer outstanding ballistics and breathe-ability in a rigorously field-tested vest. Our K-9 vest evenly distributed over the dog’s entire body.

These vests help protect the K-9s from gunshots, stabbings, explosives, and blunt force trauma such as being kicked, punched, or beaten with a weapon or other dangerous object such as a bat or tire iron.

Most of these days, Police dogs are dying of heat exhaustion at a alarming rate this summer, and a majority of those deaths have come when they were locked in hot squad cars for hours. Their duties and services included street patrols, drug detection, search and recovery, searches for suspects or missing people, weapon detection, explosives detection and more. So, their protection is must.

Wouldn’t it be nice to combine maximum protection with stability and extreme durability in a single vest

When it comes to wearing a bulletproof body armor , most of the civilians put a step back because they have myth that these bullet proof vest are very heavy or bulky like ancient medieval armor.

So, we at Hard Shell focused on removing the ideology of being bulletproof warrior vest more heavy weight and bulky. Our Experts designed the very known concealed bulletproof vest – the one wear on daily routine which can be easily hidden. We rigorously focus on making more comfortable, less bulky, well fitted with ergonomic design and extreme durable vest which also provide maximum protection as well to the wearer.
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In strive to win the hearts of the civilian along with ensuring safety to near and dear ones we have designed two concealable vests i.e. VIP Vest and Low Pro. For more details and order kindly email us on enquiry@hardshell.ae.

You Need A Bullet Resistant Vest

A great variation in the Bullet Resistant Vests has been inspired by, or rather pushed in by the need to address the local requirements of each combat and conflict settings. The intervention of military or civil law enforcing agency personnel may be required in the various locations: in law and order enforcement; prison guarding; military missions and operations; offering security to the important people or other private citizens.

Each of these diverse situations has its own specific complexities and needs, thus the level of protection needed may also differ greatly.

Today, it would be more convenient to term the protective clothing as Bullet Resistant Vest rather the bulletproof gear. The protective gear is manufactured to meet the requirements of the combat zones.

Hardshell is a well known armor equipment manufacturer with expansive exposure in rendering solutions in armored protective gears.

Tactical Helmet is designed to meet the rigorous challenges of Law Enforcement, Assault and Special Operations Teams. The helmet is lightweight and offers superior protection against ballistic threats as well as secondary projectiles.