Types of Bullet Proof Vests

bulletproof_vest_ A ballistic vest or bullet-resistant vest, usually named as bulletproof vest, is personal protective equipment which helps to and reduces or stop effect on the body from firearm-fired projectiles.

These Vests usually comes with basic protection of Level- IIIA through the SAP inserted in them, however it can be upgraded to Level III or IV based on personal requirement. There are two types of Vests.

Bullet Proof Vests are of usually 2 types i.e. Covert Vest and Overt Vest. Covert vests are designed to be worn inside clothing, can withstand plates as well to provide higher protection. These Vests are the best way for VIP’S to feel completely protected in a discreet and comfortable manner. Also, not only this but these Vests also very and comfortable to wear which allows the wearer to wear it for longer hours as well.

On the other hand Overt Vests Is designed to provide higher protection levels and it need to be worn on top or above regular clothing however usually they are designed with cooling down feature which makes them comfortable to wear and protected across all environments. There is also the add on option of Collar, Biceps, Thigh and Groin protection apart from basic Torso protection in Overt Vest which makes it more useful. There are also Vests with Molle which allows various type of pouches like Magazine Pouch, Gun Holsters, Radio Pouches, Medical Kit pouch etc. making life easier for user.

Thus, whatever the choice is there are options available to ensure the protection without comprising the comfort, so Stay Safe with Bullet Proof Vests.

K9 Body Armor Vest

Designed by a Police K-9 Handler for his service do, perfect for all calls of service. Our unique K-9 vest ensures maximum comfort and mobility to allow your dog to maintain their full agility. We want to ensure that every K-9 is fitted with the vest that may save his life while he is in the act of saving ours.
Hard Shell K9 Vests allow the dog access to their natural movement and cooling mechanisms: panting, their paws, and their ears. They offer outstanding ballistics and breathe-ability in a rigorously field-tested vest. Our K-9 vest evenly distributed over the dog’s entire body.
These vests help protect the K-9s from gun shots, stabbings, explosives, and blunt force trauma such as being kicked, punched, or beaten with a weapon or other dangerous object such as a bat or tire iron
Most of these days, Police dogs are dying of heat exhaustion at a alarming rate this summer, and a majority of those deaths have come when they were locked in hot squad cars for hours. Their duties and services included street patrols, drug detection, search and recovery, searches for suspects or missing people, weapon detection, explosives detection and more. So, their protection is must.

You Need A Bullet Resistant Vest

A great variation in the Bullet Resistant Vests has been inspired by, or rather pushed in by the need to address the local requirements of each combat and conflict settings. The intervention of military or civil law enforcing agency personnel may be required in the various locations: in law and order enforcement; prison guarding; military missions and operations; offering security to the important people or other private citizens.

Each of these diverse situations has its own specific complexities and needs, thus the level of protection needed may also differ greatly.

Today, it would be more convenient to term the protective clothing as Bullet Resistant Vest rather the bulletproof gear. The protective gear is manufactured to meet the requirements of the combat zones.

Hardshell is a well known armor equipment manufacturer with expansive exposure in rendering solutions in armored protective gears.

Tactical Helmet is designed to meet the rigorous challenges of Law Enforcement, Assault and Special Operations Teams. The helmet is lightweight and offers superior protection against ballistic threats as well as secondary projectiles.

Military Body Armor:- The Ultimate Ballistic Protection

Hard Shell Bullet Proof Vests are designed to offer foolproof Level III and IIIA protection against projectiles, stabbing and club hits in diverse combat environments

Warrior Vest
Military Body Armor is designed for ruggedness to improve mission efficiency; ensure superior protection and survive ability; and allow the combat units to carry equipment

Bullet Protection Products

Body Armor:- Body Armor is a proven protection clothing Equipment engineered to perfection and render unparalleled protection against projectile and fragment threats in various combat environments.
Body Armour or law enforcement gear is a proven protection clothing Equipment engineered to perfection and render unparalleled protection against projectile and fragment threats in various combat environments.
Armor Plates:- Soft Armour Panels are probably the best in class when it comes to offering superior protection against bullets, projectiles and knife slashes.

Armor Plates
Ballistic Helmets:-Bullet Resistant Helmet is designed with advanced material to provide adequate protection and unparalleled mobility in various combat situations.

Body Armor Helps Ensure Absolute Safety

Protecting the torso has always been the first priority for the warriors since ages; and to ensure this, the warriors have always sought ways to protect themselves in battles. Wearing a protective layer over the clothes was always considered to be a matter great pride as the soldiers covered with protective layers marched to the battle.

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Down the ages, the material used as Body Armor has changed dramatically; in the ancient times, people used animal skins and hides to protect themselves while going out on hunts. As the times advanced processed leather hides took place of raw skins. Down the ages, innovation by inventors brought in new methods and Body Armors to protect the most valuable assets of the king’s armies.

Some armies even developed metal plated Armors to Protect Bodies – like the ones used by the armies of Rome. Further at the turn of the millennium, with the invention of the guns and cannons, the preferences changed as the quickly travelling projectiles and fragments made soldiers vulnerable. This prompted armies to rethink deeply about torso protection; and bring around substantial changes in the protective shell technology.

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But the resulting introductions were too heavy to carry along, and taxed soldiers on the grounds of impeding their movement. The tryst for the right solution ended with the invention of soft Body Armor that did not only get rid of heavy metal plates, but also ushered in an era of unparalleled mobility and ease of handling for the users.

The innovative concept uses the state of the art specialized woven fabrics that can be easily integrated into other soft fabric components. The state of the art woven fabric technology follows really innovative concept of repelling the bullets and shrapnels and free flying fragments rather than deflecting them.

The modern Body Armor can be worn with the normal combat uniforms or clothes. The contemporaries in the Body Armor types include overt, visible on the uniform, and covert, concealed beneath the normal clothing, equipment.

Body Armor Helps Ensure Absolute Safety as it is derived and assembled using cutting edge technologies involving textile weaving, coating, dyeing and final assembling.

Providing adequate equipment to reduce the risk of injuries, even fatal, is highly important to safeguard human capital.

Body Armor Helps Ensure Absolute Safety as it is derived and assembled using cutting edge technologies and material.

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Hardshell is a well known Body Armor Manufacturer with expansive exposure in rendering solutions in armored protective gears.

Industry of Ballistic Body Armour

Our body armour are unsurpassed in quality and all designed for a more casual environment in comparison with those of military or tactical training units. The body armour is the ideal choice for police officers who occasionally need increased protection against high velocity rounds or machine gun threats. Read More

Bullet Proof Vest: What You Should Know Before Getting One?

Whether the situation in question here is that of war or of providing security to an important individual or institutions, the bullet proof vests come to play a much important role. These are the modern day body armours used by soldiers as well as security agents around the world and we at Hard Shell pride ourselves at producing some of the best bulletproof vests around the whole wide world. Continue