Bulletproof Vest Probably Saved New York Police Officer


The frantic mother dialed 911 shortly after 4:30 p.m. Thursday. She was concerned about her 29-year-old son. He was emotionally disturbed, she warned, but added that he was not armed or violent.

Two police officers were first to arrive at the woman’s home on Ridgewood Avenue in the Cypress Hills neighborhood of Brooklyn. One officer went inside and the other around back, after the mother said her son might try to flee, the authorities said.

But when the officer in the home approached a rear bedroom, the man came out with a gun, the police said. He fired several shots at the 30-year-old officer, striking him once in the right arm. Two other bullets pierced his police uniform but became lodged in his bulletproof vest, the authorities said.

An emergency medical worker in the home immediately started to provide aid, and the officer was taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center. He was in stable condition and alert on Thursday night, the police said. The police declined to release his name. Read more

Safariland Selects Honeywell’s Spectra Shield Technology for new Protective Vests Geared


Safariland, a company specializing in body armor, recently selected Honeywell’s Spectra Shield and Gold Shield ballistic composite materials to produce a thin, lightweight vest specifically designed for female law enforcement officers.

Safariland selected Honeywell’s Spectra Shield 5000 series material for their Armor SX vest family, which is designed to provide optimal comfort while providing protection against a range of soft armor ballistic threat levels for all wearers. Contemporary vest models are typically built for a male or unisex neutral fit.

Dickey’s Donates Enhanced Bulletproof Vests to the Dallas Police Gang Unit

DALLAS — Anytime a cop hits their beat, they never know when someone out there will threaten their life.

Well, Dickey’s “Barbecue Boots and Badges” foundation is out to relieve some of those fears, with their new Invest In A Vest initiative.

“We are dedicated to helping officers, our first responders, and their families,” said the founder of Barbecue, Boots and Badges, Maureen Dickey.

Today, the foundation donated enhanced bulletproof vest plates to the Dallas Police Gang Unit, that are capable of withstanding rifle fire like what they faced in last July’s attack. Read more