Kevlar Not an Ordinary Fabric

Kevlar is one of the magic modern materials used in the ballistic industry. Kevlar is a super-strong fabric with amazing properties. It’s made of fibers that are knitted tightly together. Kevlar get its properties partly from the intrinsic strength of the polymer by which the fibers are made.

Kevlar is not an ordinary fabric- it’s not easy for everyone to make from the right raw materials. It’s proprietary material and requires lots’ of experience. If we talk about its chemical structure, it’s very alike to other protective materials like Nome x. Kevlar is made of chemicals called synthetic aromatic polyamides or pyramids.
Kevlar Fabric
Synthetic materials are produced in a chemical laboratory. Aromatic means its molecules have a strong, ring-like structure. It is a tough yarn which is highly recommended for ballistic protection and used in soft body armor applications. Also, it is used as robust reinforcements for different hard armor applications and racing helmets, spall panels, ballistic bomb blankets, and electronic housing protection, etc. Moreover, it has also been used in many industrial applications.

It provides high tensile strength at very low weight along with exceptional structural rigidity. Kevlar is tough and incredibly durable. It suits perfectly to the demands of tactical products. It’s flexible and lightweight and has high chemical resistance and low electrical connectivity which offers superior dimensional stability. These all unique properties make it an ideal fabric for ballistic needs.

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