Schools In Tennessee had Ballistic Bulletproof panels for Protection

A school in Tennessee with almost 1,200 students underwent a renovation during the 2018 summer break to secure its main entrance using Ballistic panels. The school district procured more than forty HS Armor panels to provide UL Level 8 protection, which means they are capable of withstanding multiple shots from a military-style assault rifle. A wall between two classrooms was taken down, and a new, secure entry room was created by the contractors. The HS Armor panels were hung and installed, just like drywall, on the four walls of the new entry room. Standard drywall panels were then placed over the composite panels and finished in a matter of days. The entire area was completed, including paint, trim and electrical wiring, in less than four weeks. According to Strongwell, both the contractor and school were surprised with the ease of installation and quality of the armor panels. They should also have some sort of blankets to protect children form impulsive attacks. some the good bomb blankets are found in the market. Read full article here .
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