Why do Police Need to Wear Body Armour Vest When on Duty?

Every day we read about sudden attacks by thieves, terrorists, hostile attacks, fire accidents and road accidents. First ones to tackle these culprits are the police or the traffic police standing on the signals to control the traffic. Their life is always at risk from different attacks and encounters with criminals. And there are situations when these body armours and bulletproof vests have helped policemen have a triumph over criminals.

Now do you really think that when something wrong happens, police should first rush to find their security wear? No, they always need to be ready for these threats by wearing high-security police vest. Made from high-quality material, these security vests ensure safety of the police from gun shots, fire and other accidents.

There are various other reasons why police should wear body armour as a part of their uniform. Here are some of the main reason to help you understand the importance of reflective vests for people working in high risk jobs like police, traffic police, fire fighters etc.

Safety from Unexpected Accidents:

Intersections of the road are the places where most of the accidents happen. If police wear reflective vest on the signals, it will not just ensure their safety but will also reduce the number of accidents. Traffic police can save the city only when they themselves are safe.


Police men might not be required to wear high visibility reflective wear when on job, but they need body armour to protect themselves during encounters. They should go on duty during investigation crashes and lane closures by wearing their vests.

Some Important Things you should consider when buying Police Vest:

Right product: There is a huge variety of body armour available in the market, but you cannot pick anyone randomly. Selection of the police vest depends on a number of factors like the quality of material, safety, technology used in manufacturing and the level of protection it provides. Always opt for a body armour that provides protection without burdening your body by heavy armour.

Fit: Bulletproof vest can help you protect yourself only when these fit properly. To ensure that the body armour you buy fits you well, you should check that it offers full side-panel protection with a slight degree of overlap that allows the front panel to extend over the back panel.

Buy a body armour that leaves a slight gap between your body and gun belt you are standing. Further, you should not buy a body armour that is either too tight or too loose.

Care of Police Vest: Sweating when wearing bulletproof vest is common, which means you need to clean it regularly. When cleaning the vest, you should keep in the mind that you need to clean the carrier not the armour panels. You can either wash the armour by hand or can wipe it with the damp rag. When cleaning the vest, you should never use solvents, bleach and deodorizers on the panels as it degrades the quality of the vest.

Police Vest for Special Situations: There are situations when you might need something else than reflective vest or bulletproof vest. Some manufacturers also offer stab-resistant vest or flotation vest for special missions. When buying body armours, you should carefully analyse the use and situation when you want to use it.

There are only a few reliable police bulletproof vest providers in India. You should carefully check the quality of the product and buy it only from an experienced and reputed brand.

Source: https://medium.com/@seohardshell/why-do-police-need-to-wear-body-armour-vest-when-on-duty-b7bf30004519

what is a Bullet Proof Body Armour

Body armour has become increasingly popular in recent years with its users ranging from military personnel, police and even ordinary civilians. Over the years, our company has established itself as the leading body armour suppliers the world over. We have our manufacturing plants based in Europe, Asia and The Middle East. We have supplied our products in numerous renowned countries across all continents including The UK, USA, Netherlands, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Russia.

We have a wide range of products that are always aimed at providing satisfaction to our clients. We deal with a wide range of state of the art bulletproof body armour which varies depending on the client’s preferences, weather and the purpose. The endorser vest for instance offers a more concealing alternative preferably for civilian situations while covering all the major body organs at the same time. The winter turf remains a viable option in extremely low temperatures as it is embedded with soft ballistic panels which provide extra warmth while guaranteeing the comfort of the user all the time. The steller vest is a design made for kids and is a combination of an armoured vest and a backpack. It offers front, back and side protection.

All our products are designed and manufactured by a team made of ex-military personnel and well trained, experienced and professional engineers who make use of the best modern technology in the market. They have all been tested in the field as a means of establishing the safety levels and providing a guarantee to our clients.

Resource: https://medium.com/@hardshell/bullet-proof-body-armour-aebb4d2fa80f

Thousand spent on Bullet Proof Vest

Parliament has spent almost R84 000 on purchasing bulletproof vests for its so-called bouncers, whose main role is to remove unruly MPs from the House.

It is unclear why they would require such protection because all they appear to do is to push out Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) MPs.

An invoice, seen by City Press, describes the 40 items ordered on October 5 as protective gear for chamber support officers, with “bulletproof vests” in brackets.

The purchase order also reveals that the items would be needed by November 4 – two days after President Jacob Zuma’s scheduled appearance in the National Assembly for his last question-and-answer session for the year.

According to the latest parliamentary programme, Zuma will answer MPs’ questions on November 2 in the National Assembly and appear at the National Council of Provinces twice after that – on November 9 to answer questions, and on November 23 for his annual address.

Parliament did not respond to requests for comment, despite promising to do so. Read more

WA police officers will get Stab-Proof Ballistic Vests

fb9d73899fdbdebd0b7347a74f4d2c13 ballistic vest

The WA Police Union says it has not had confirmation that all frontline police will get stab-proof ballistic vests despite the Police Minister telling parliament a roll out of the equipment would take place in stages.

Michelle Roberts told parliament the WA Police executive would determine the optimal rollout of vests in stages based on risk assessments and operational requirements.

She had earlier this month said police were properly equipped, proportionate to the current known terrorism threat level in the state.

“Cost is not the issue here. We will always put the safety of our officers first,” she said on Wednesday.

“Times have changed and the preparedness of police officers as frontline responders is critical.” Read more

Personal Body Armor Customized for Any Situation

Advanced technology can save many problems, and personal security is certainly not an exception. Modern body armor is amazingly effective and companies like Hard Shell are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation in this field. The latest generation of bulletproof vests is able to deliver impressive stopping power without adding any excessive weight and thickness, which is extremely valuable in many professions.


The thinnest of those vests can be placed under regular clothes and concealed from public view while still staying resistant to bullet hits. They are often used by public officials or business leaders who want to look normal while doing their work and enjoy extra protection at the same time. Undercover police officers or security officials can also take advantage of this stealth option while in the field.

Of course, soldiers and others who operate in high-risk zones don’t mind a bit of bulk if it will shield them from harm. Military-grade ballistic vests made by Hard Shell are among the best in the market, and come with various utility pockets to help carry weapons and equipment. Specialized tactical vests are available for waterborne operations, dessert environment and cold climate.

Ballistic Vest Manufacturer in UAE

HARD SHELL in UAE is a pioneer in the development of crucial technologies and innovative solutions to be used in the most challenging areas. With critical technology-driven innovation and sustained growth, Hard Shell today has state-of-the-art facilities of design, development, and manufacture of:-

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We as a manufacturer ceaselessly strive to realize innovation in research and development and ensuring the best quality products and services for all its customers around the world. Hard Shell as a global company provides solutions to government, paramilitary forces, security personnel, defense personnel, and commercial customers worldwide.

Full – in house manufacturing, design capabilities results in high-quality products and in very short delivery time.