Bulletproof vests for Cincinnati firefighters

By Christmas, all 855 members of the Cincinnati Fire Department will have received their custom-fitted bulletproof vests.

I’ll repeat that — slowly. Bullet. Proof. Vests.

If this is a new reality, it runs counter to how I have always viewed this honorable occupation. In my mind’s eye, a firefighter is a hero who would climb a ladder and pluck Morris from a towering oak tree. No vest needed.


A firefighter waves back at you from the big, red truck in the homecoming parade. No vest needed.

A firefighter’s hose saves your home from being a total loss. No vest needed.

Something has changed.

The threat of falling through a collapsing ceiling, an elevator shaft or oxygen deprivation is not the only on-the-job danger today’s firefighters have to worry about. They also have to consider getting shot.

That’s a travesty.

CFD leaders asked Cincinnati City Council to purchase bulletproof vests nearly two years ago. They joined big cities like Los Angeles and Chicago who have done the same to keep their first responders from taking a bullet. Read more


Polk County Fire Department Now Equipped With Bulletproof Vests

POLK COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – They fight fires to keep people safe, but now their own safety is coming into question.

“Firefighters are being shot at. They are responding to more and more violent acts. When we show up to these calls and you look around, the fire departments and EMTs are the only ones who aren’t wearing anything,” Dundee Fire Chief Joseph Carbone told News Channel 8.

That is why Chief Carbone, along with city officials, purchased bullet proof vests for the entire department. Dundee is now the first fire department to do so.

Firefighters will wear them during any potentially dangerous calls.

“If we’re dispatched to an assault, shooting, stabbing, something in progress, they will put them on [before they] leave the station,” Chief Carbone said.

“A lot of times we’re there first on the scene before law enforcement,” Dundee Fire Department Assistance Chief Joe Garrison said. “Normally firefighters, EMTs and paramedics are the angels. We don’t discriminate. We help all citizens, regardless of what they believe. But, at the end of the day, I think the vest is good, because every call I go on, I think about my kids. I want to come home to them.” Read more

Use of Bulletproof Vests while on the Job

PHOENIX (KSAZ) – Police officers never know what kind of call their going to answer, that’s why one former officer is encouraging his colleagues to always be cautious and guard their bodies with proper protection.

This past week, an officer was shot during a pursuit that ended at 44th Street and Thomas Road.

The officer is ok, thanks to a bulletproof vest that he was wearing.

Fox 10 Phoenix spoke with Bill Weigt, an officer who understands what it feels like to get shot with a bulletproof vest.

He was a part of a pursuit back in 2005 where a suspect ended up shooting and hitting him.

He says the bullet entered right where the protection in the vest ended, or else he’d be in even better shape than he is now.

“It hit the vest carrier, but it missed the bulletproof vest,” Weigt said.

Regardless, he says vests save lives and hopes every officer will take the time to wear one.

“I mean, it’s the simplest thing in the world. Why not just wear it? It should be that easy, but it’s a personal thing for me. But if they chose not to, I wish they would. All of them, I wish they would,” Weight said.

He says when he hears about an officer who’s been shot on the job, he hopes for just one thing. Read more

Bulletproof Vests Designed to Prevent Back Injuries

Police in Menands are wearing new bulletproof vests as part of a pilot program. They’re designed to reduce lower back pain for the officers wearing them.

Police gave the public a look at the vests during a press event Thursday.

The vests have straps and compartments able to carry bulky and heavy police gear, allowing officers to more evenly distribute the weight they’d normally be carrying on their belts. They cost about $1,000.

The pilot program is sponsored by the village’s workers compensation provider, the Public Employer Risk Management Association, or PERMA. PERMA decided to create the program after a review of all police claims. On average, they say lower back injuries cost roughly $84,000 in lost time per claim.

Spectrum News spoke with an officer who has been wearing the new vest for two weeks, and he says he is quite satisfied with the change. Read more

To Cut Costs, 350 Fewer Bulletproof Vests for Cops

Customs duty of Rs 2 cr means state police will get 4,650 imported bulletproof vests instead of 5,000.

After finally getting the go ahead to import high-quality bulletproof vests from Germany, nine years after its shoddy vests were exposed in the 26/11 attacks of 2008, the state has come across an all-too-familiar hurdle: budget constraints. And, much like one would in a department store, they have decided to drop items to fit the budget. Instead of 5,000 vests as originally planned, Maharashtra police, which is a 2-lakh-strong force, will now procure 4,650 vests.

The funds crunch arose when the department realised it would have to pay Customs duty of approximately Rs 2 crore for the 5,000 vests. Each vest costs Rs 35,000, so the cost of the entire consignment of vests comes to Rs 17.5 crore. Add to it another Rs 2 crore Customs duty and the figure would hover close to the Rs 20-crore mark, which was around Rs 2 crore more than the sanctioned budget. As the Customs department refused the state police’s request to waive the import duty, the department had no option but to reduce the number of vests by 350 to stay within the budget. Read more

Bulletproof Vests Protect the Lives of Lifesavers


Bulletproof vests aren’t just for police officers anymore.

Firefighters and EMTs in Old Orchard Beach are seeking donations and a grant to cover the cost of 20 vests for their own protection.

Firefighter Bill Young told NEWS CENTER he and his crew increasingly find themselves in situations where their lives could be in danger from someone with a gun or a knife. Read more

Old Orchard Beach Fire Department Hopes to Raise Money for Bulletproof Vests


OLD ORCHARD BEACH, Maine — We’ve all seen police officers in bulletproof vests, but what about firefighters and EMTs?

In Old Orchard Beach, first responders say they’re needed.

The fire department has started raising money to purchase at least 20 bulletproof vests for their crews.

Each will protect them from being stabbed or shot. Read more

Maharashtra Police Might Slash Bulletproof Vests Order to Pay Customs Duty

At least nine years after the 26/11 terror attacks that exposed the poor preparedness of the Mumbai police, especially the substandard BP jackets used by the force which led to the death of ATS chief Hemant Karkare, the force will soon get its first batch of the 5,000 BP jackets.

With the Customs Department yet to respond to the Maharashtra Police’s request to waive off import duty imposed on the 5,000 bulletproof (BP) jackets it has procured, the force has to wait a little longer before it can start using the vests. At least nine years after the 26/11 terror attacks from the sea exposed the poor preparedness of the Mumbai police, especially the substandard BP jackets used by the force which led to the death of ATS chief Hemant Karkare and senior police officers Ashok Kamte and Vijay Salaskar, the force will soon get its first batch of the 5,000 BP jackets. Sources say if they don’t hear from the Customs Department soon, they will instead place an order for 4,800 bulletproof jackets. Read more

Monroe Co. Sheriff’s Dept. To Replace Expired Bullet-Proof Vests


The Monroe County Sheriff’s Department is getting 23 new bullet-proof vests after county commissioners approved funding for the purchase this week.

It’s the first time Monroe County Sheriff Brad Swain says he’s had to replace several expired vests at the same time. He says it’s the responsibility of the county to make sure officers are safe.

“We found there is a statute that, even with the uniform check, it’s still on the onus of county government – in our case – providing that,” Swain says.

A bullet-proof vest typically lasts up to five years. Swain says general wear & tear during that time provides enough concern for an upgrade. Read more

Dickey’s Donates Enhanced Bulletproof Vests to the Dallas Police Gang Unit

DALLAS — Anytime a cop hits their beat, they never know when someone out there will threaten their life.

Well, Dickey’s “Barbecue Boots and Badges” foundation is out to relieve some of those fears, with their new Invest In A Vest initiative.

“We are dedicated to helping officers, our first responders, and their families,” said the founder of Barbecue, Boots and Badges, Maureen Dickey.

Today, the foundation donated enhanced bulletproof vest plates to the Dallas Police Gang Unit, that are capable of withstanding rifle fire like what they faced in last July’s attack. Read more