The lightest ballistic helmet on the market | the Delta X from Safariland Group

HELMET2-834x626 light helmet

There was a wild squeal as gears shifted before the ramp to the C-130J opened, my peltors clicked out for a moment blocking the sound and all at once I felt the pressure change against my skin and deep inside my ears. The loud drone of the engines filled the inside of the aircraft as our eyes adjusted to the sunlight. The late afternoon sun burned away the darkness and illuminated us clad in Crye multicams with MC-6 static line parachutes on our backs and 50 pounds rucks hanging between our legs. The ramp opened fully and I could clearly see the ground flashing by 1250 feet beneath us as the C-130J slowed to a snail’s pace of 130 knots. I held my static line firmly as the Jumpmaster gave us the stand-by signal. The light turned from no-go to green go, “GO GO GO!” he gave the first jumper a solid slap on the ass, the first jumper walked off the edge of the ramp and we all followed. Read more

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