Outlet Contractor Hired to Dispose of NYPD’s Bullet Proof Vests


The Daily News found out that the NYPD discovered that their old bulletproof vests were ending up on criminals and as a result, the city’s contract with the tactical gear supplier Body Amor Outlet was shredded not too long ago.

When NYPD officials learned that the bullet proof vests that were once worn by New York’s Finest ended up on suspected criminals, the contract with Body Armor Outlet based in New Hampshire was canceled by the city.

The city’s Department of Citywide Administrative Services contract with Body Armor Outlet to dispose of the NYPD’s old vests was worth $20,000. As per the contact, Body Armor Outlet had to destroy the bulletproof vests or have them recycled in a way that they could not be used in an illegal manner.

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